My 7 Day Healthy Eating Challenge


As you will soon gather from my blog, I have been eating as heartily as ever with BIG FOOD weekends and lots of sweet treats made by my very own sister. The problem is once I indulge in complete gastronomical heaven, the pounds soon catch up with me. So I have decided it is time to put myself in check to conquer my bad habits.

First things first – reduce

If you are looking to join in the 7 day challenge with me, then I must share that the first thing you need to do is identify the baddies in your current diet. Put quite simply, the baddies are none other than fats and sugars. What difference do they make? A lot over time, but in your day to day life, every little helps.

Second in line – increase

The second thing is that shedding a few pounds should not be about eating less, but more. So you definitely want to increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. They do not call it “5 a day” for nothing. There are some real health benefits in eating MORE of the right things. You should always aim to be healthy no matter what. My own mum will testify to the benefits of eating a healthy diet. She lost a few pounds with me, not as much as she would have liked, but when she went for her health check, her blood pressure and blood sugar levels had improved dramatically.

Thirdly – Be realistic and have a treat

If you are dying to have a bar of chocolate, oh for goodness sakes just have one already! This is not a starvation diet, but a healthy lifestyle where you are completely free to eat whatever you like so long as you moderate the baddies.

Organic frozen yoghurt treat with fruit and fudge topping

And by moderating the baddies, all you need to do is measure in order to count the cost of their impact. A simple example would be to use 3 tablespoons of olive oil in your stew instead of lugging half the bottle into your dish.

Watch this space for the 7 day plan and for an update on how I am getting on with it.


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