My Burnt Orange Kitchen

My Burnt Orange Kitchen

My Burnt Orange Kitchen

I remember when I started this blog, a lot of people asked “why a burnt orange?”

To be honest, it is a colour that brightens up my day and looking back, I have used vibrant orange colours for significant events in my life, including my wedding reception. Stews and curries are orange, so is the light that shines from the ingeniously recycled Zimbabwean poly pipe lamps in my living room. The future is bright orange as well when it comes to the mobile network right?

I have even been asked by one of my regular tweeters whether I have burned oranges before. Not really, but have recently learned that oranges burn just as well as candles. I am yet to try this. Burnt Orange really does take me to a happy place, even when I think of the brilliant African soil, it has a bit of a burnt orange tone to it, hasn’t it?

Aah, but the real inspiration for my burnt orange came right from my very own kitchen, or rather my land lords. I cooked in this kitchen for 5 good years and shared the most wonderful dinner parties and laughs from the heart of my home. Hence began the journey from my burnt orange kitchen and looking forward to sharing much much more with you in 2012.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


11 thoughts on “My Burnt Orange Kitchen

  1. that makes more sense to me now… I assumed it had something to do with burnt oranges too, and I thought it was quirky lol…
    I love burnt orange too as a makeup colour, looks great on african skin, but it’s so hard to find…. the eye shadow is the best, and lipstick if you can find any… hmmm, maybe i should do a post on this

    • Hi! Yes totally agree! We have done a lot of that over the years. I even had a french lady at my table once, had only just met and she ooh’d and ah’d over the lemon and ginger ‘poulette’ I made. Very fond and special memories. Our table was hand made in Australia by the way, by a guy called Mark Tucky, from reclaimed Tasmanian oak.

    • I tell you, it is such a tight squeeze! We brought that table with us when we moved from Australia (which has much more space), it was our first “post student” piece of furniture, and we have enjoyed many evenings with friends around it. I should do a dinner for my London lovers of Africa friends soon, maybe early next year? Will bounce off some ideas at africaontheblog

  2. I love this! I want to do some type of burnt orange in my kitchen and came across this photo. These tones were pretty much exactly what I was trying to picture. But I’m curious about the colour washing on the top. How did you go about that, and would you recommend it?

    • Hi Regine! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Well, it was not my kitchen as I did not design it, it was my landlord’s, but what I gathered during the time we lived there, the botom colour is the original Victorian colour (the apartment is part of an old Victorian House, that colour runs throughout). I think with the top colour, they must have used a spunge painting technique.

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