The Root of My World … Mon Afrique xoxo

No one could ever be a better you than you!


All that I am is because of you * Your optimism, your joy, your strength * You, are all  that I want to be when I grow up * Your resilience, your principles, your peace, your example

I strive to be the best I can despite life’s battles because of you * For you have been the greatest example of hope, faith and all things intangible but worthy (to me)

Though I may go far, to the ends of the earth * Forever, in you, I will be grounded… * …And all the values and principles you have instilled in me * I will jealously hold close to my heart

This festive season, I realize how extremely blessed I am * But one of the greatest blessing of all * Is that I got the privilege to firmly have my roots in you * And for that I will unceasingly give thanks to God

Love M, xoxo

P.S You are…

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