My African Christmas Feast 2011

Growing up, Christmas for me was always about coming together as a family and sharing the best food we could cook. I remember even when we decided to spend part of Christmas at a church event, our taste buds were never disappointed.

Pistachios for Anjum Anand's vinaigrette

Pistachios for Anjum Anand's vinaigrette

We had a multicultural community and these were the places where I got to taste popular Indian dishes such as chicken biryani and those sweet Indian desserts. This was also where I got to taste wonderful Ugandan dishes such as this lovely peanut buttery stew of which unfortunately I do not know the name.

But yes, Christmas was all about sharing the best food we could make. For this post I had to call my mom so that she could remind me what was a regular Christmas dish in our household. Sure enough, jollof rice was a regular feature. Mama and I have pulled together a menu guaranteed to set your taste buds into motion. For this year’s Christmas feast I planned to have:

1. Jollof rice (I cut this out and went for sour cherry rice)
2. Roast goat leg
3. Simple coconut caramel.

Gift truffles

Gift truffles

(I could not get a hold of fresh coconut so I made a special wrapped up treat instead).

I also made creamy vegetables, shito, Anjum Anand’s courgette carpaccio pictured above (See for Anjum’s recipe) and cranberry sauce. Oh… and let’s not forget the chicken my guests insisted on, what’s Christmas without a bird huh?

And these, my friends, made for a scrumptious Christmas feast.

*This is an update of the post I wrote first at; it did not all go as planned, but you know me and cooking; we just cannot be confined to a box.


4 thoughts on “My African Christmas Feast 2011

    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I recently discovered Anjum and absolutely loved how refreshing she is. I have tried most of her recipes that featured on the “My Kitchen” series.

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