How to cook sadza video

Hello world!



As promised, I made a video on how to cook sadza, so peek a boo! You all get to see me in action. I have to say making a video is interesting. I looked at myself and thought, “Gosh! I speak like that? I sound like that?” It had me in stitches a few times, but hey, this was an at home production, no hair and make up teams, just me and the food. Enjoy!


Recipe: (to serve 4)

2 cups mealie meal
900ml water (750ml boiling, 150ml cold) I ended up using these quantities
salt (optional)


4 thoughts on “How to cook sadza video

  1. well done my sister, but l would have loved it more if u had cooked for 5, in a black kango pot with a long handle or the other silver pot with a handle. You make sadza the way l do, roshinyira for 5 minutes or so at lower heat, womona then u pakura kkk.

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