Grilled Tilapia with Fresh Shito (Ghana’s Hot Salsa)

Grilled Tilapia

Grilled Tilapia  © myburntorange

So… I prepared this recipe and photos about 6 months ago. Yes, it takes me a while to get a round to doing things sometimes, but here we are. This is a favourite in Ghana, grilled Tilapia and fresh shito. Remember in my black pepper post I mentioned that shito in Ghana is a word for saying pepper. This dish is so simple in every way. The flavour comes purely from the actual ingredients, whole Tilapia with its river flavour, which I would call earthy, and the fresh shito which tastes divine with kpakpo shito or scotch bonnet. In my recipe today however, I have taken a short cut and gone straight for dried chilli flakes as my heat.

For the Tilapia

Fresh Tilapia

Fresh Tilapia  © myburntorange

Grind or crush together some ginger, kpakpo shito (if extra heat is desired) and garlic mixed with sea salt flakes. Cut 3 slits into the sides of the fish and rub the marinade into it, making sure it gets into the slits too. What’s next? Just grill!!!!!!!!

For the fresh shito

Fresh shito ready for blitzing

Fresh shito ready for blitzing  © myburntorange

Take one onion, usually brown, but I used red for colour. Take one tomato and as much pepper as you like whether you use scotch bonnet or another variety. Add salt to taste, very important. Traditionally, this would be blended in a clay mortar with a wooden pestle pictured.

Photo Credit: Zoe Ackah/The Epoch Times

As for me and my Burnt Orange London kitchen out of Africa, I use a hand-held chopper/blender… just like my mother would. Throw ingredients in and blitz them together.

Fresh Shito (Ghana's hot salsa)

Fresh Shito (Ghana’s hot salsa)  © myburntorange

That’s it! Seriously, that’s all it takes. This can be served with kenkey, banku, gari or rice. Bon apetit!

Tilapia and fresh shito ready to serve

Tilapia and fresh shito ready to serve  © myburntorange


14 thoughts on “Grilled Tilapia with Fresh Shito (Ghana’s Hot Salsa)

  1. So I made this. First time I made the shito fresh and second time I used a brand manufactured shito. Preferred the fresh one! Flavour was unrivalled and my friend who cooked with me liked it too! I don’t know how to upload a photo on here so I’ll describe it: an oven cooked whole tilapia with 3 slits, it didn’t look as golden as yours! Maybe because this was the one with the jar shito which was dark in colour. All in all, yummy!

  2. My husband loves tilapia, so i always had to think of different ways how to cook the fish and make sure that my husband is satisfied. Thank you for the recipe, cooking this today !!!! will let u know tomorrow if he enjoyed, and am sure he will .:)

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