Please vote for Afroblush!

Friends, comrades, countrymen, city girls! Lend me your ears…


Afroblush is a blogger I “met” sometime last year, shortly after I started this blog. Her blog is awesome and Louisa looks like she knows exactly what she is doing. Do you know what? She was one of my first blog followers and even tweeted my blog to one of her twitter friends, who followed my blog too. This was so encouraging. As a big thank you, I would like to spread the word about her blog and ask if you could vote for her in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012 with Next. Visit her site here and you will see this icon to the right.

Click the icon. Just enter your e-mail address, hit enter and you will arrive at the voting panel. She is under the lifestyle blog list. You should get a green tick when you have voted.

Instructions instructions… sorry, I just can’t help it. Must be the engineer in me :).


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