Mopani Worms


2014-01-02 17.08.52

If you have ever heard that there are really wierd foods in Africa like worms, flies and rats… well… it is true.

These are known as Mopane worms in English, widely known as just “phane” in Botswana. These are not actually worms but protein rich caterpillars that flourish on mopane trees. They are normally harvested, squeezed and sun dried and provide a form of food security. They are then eaten as a snack or soaked to rehydrate then grilled or stewed. They are highly nutritious. A little bit of research has led me to find some eat them freshly harvested off the trees. If this isn’t enough to make you squeamish, why don’t you go ahead and contact My Burnt Orange, who can arrange for you to have this gastro naturo experience right here in London.


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