My Burnt Orange is Speechless!



I am so excited to share my latest news with you. 3 months ago, (yeah, huge search type engine?) reached out to me as they were in search of an African cuisine expert to write for their new site. I thought it was a joke at first. Trust me y’all, I Googled all dem… as you do! (sheepish smile) But what was happening was real and after 2 incredible months of late night writing behind the scenes, the brand new African Cuisine site has been launched!

About african cuisine

And what is more is that the people at are so so cool! They have blown me away by their commitment to uncovering African cuisine.



I know full well that there are incredible…. INCREDIBLE food bloggers out there and they are doing a ton of work that I am completely floored when I visit their sites every now and again to see how they are doing. This is why I am so humbled that I have been given this task, and why they chose me is actually something which touches my heart because I once viewed myself in a negative light growing up… You see, I used to think I was some kind of Pan African misfit. More on that later.


But yes. Because of the work of incredible African food enthusiasts such as Dobby, Lohi, Chie, Adhis, Betumi, Taste of Tanzania, Somali kitchen, Elsbro and many more, it is starting to happen, the recognition of African cuisine as a fine food. Not only is it being embraced by the whole world, but people from Africa are turning back and shining their light on African cuisine.


What is the real issue and why turn up our noses to our food in the first place? I think the problem is a lot of people thought they were becoming more sophisticated by eating pasta and looking down upon nshima, when in actual fact the Italians even eat nshima, the white one too, but softer. I had some in Venice!!!!!!!! I think people were not ready for African food 5 years ago, but this is changing. I also think us Africans need to promote it ourselves.




We also need to learn how to present it better. For too long the art and techniques of it has been left as an informal thing being passed down, however women who were and still are at the centre of it are educated and can now transcribe the secrets. It is hard work, and I know how hard many of you are working. Sometimes I get home after work and cook up a midweek storm as though I am serving guests. Then I dish up close to midnight. For the love of African food.


But these days, I get a little help from my friends… Or… rather… help from my little friends. 😉


There is interest out there, but the knowledge is still in the hearts of Africans (and adopted ones too). We need to let it out. 😉


6 thoughts on “My Burnt Orange is Speechless!

  1. Hi! I discovered your blog, believe it or not, trying to learn more about Mma Ramotswe’s cooking. I’m addicted to McCall’s books (reading no. 10 right now) and I wanted to know more about Western and Southern African cooking. I loved the videos you made and I’ve had tons of fun finding new dishes through your blog. Keep them coming, please. I’ll be watching. BTW your kid is adorable… 🙂

    • Hi Dana! And a huge welcome to my blog, thanks for your comment. Indeed Mma Ramotswe’s cooking show would hit the spot big time! I hope you continue to enjoy what I hope to churn out and if you ever have a question, please do not hesitate to ask me 🙂

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