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Hi! My name is Freedes*1, the author of My Burnt Orange*2. I am a wife, a mother, and a professional electrical engineer who loves to cook dishes from across Africa and beyond. You can probably tell I have a very busy life, but I ALWAYS make time to cook because I absolutely love it and have a healthy appetite for fresh, simple and sizzling food. Born and raised in Botswana to Ghanaian parents, and now married to a Zimbabwean, I have what I like to call a pan African palate. I have lived in the most amazing cities, namely Melbourne and now London. It is in these cities that I gained my cosmopolitan flair. I have travelled the world in search of culinary inspiration and have found one of the best ways to immerse myself into a culture is through food. I have taken the opportunity to learn about local foods in my travels; having had a wonderful experience learning about Thai Culinary Arts from the head chef at a hotel in Thailand and then Portuguese cuisine at a country cooking school in The Algarve. It is my hope that in sharing my recipes, I will challenge the misconception that African food is unhealthy, and even throw in some great Afro vegetarian ideas.

Since starting this blog in 2011, I have written recipes for Africa on The Blog through which some of my recipes have been picked up and published in the Guardian for the Guardian Africa Network. I have also been featured at The African Pot Nutrition and in Lohi’s Creations and am greatly humbled by these mentions. I am now working on publishing my first Afro Cosmopolitan Diet book in 2013, so please, watch this space.

*1 Freedes is my blogging name, but it works because my friends call me Freedes too. Mama calls me Freda.

*2 My Burnt Orange is the home of the Afro Cosmopolitan Diet. I am not a dietitian. Views are my own and based on personal experiences I am happy to share if it helps. If you need access to dietitians, keep posted while I populate a list for you.*


23 thoughts on “About Freedes

  1. trixfred30 led me here too. I was looking at your pictures and I see you have the same table mats as I have here in Ireland. The red ones. My sister in law brought them as a gift the last time the family visited us from Dar es Salaam. Small world.
    Happy New Year,

    • Oh wow! trixfred30 is getting me famous. Thanks for stopping by. That’s just amazing about the table mats! I got mine as a gift too, they came in a Chinese steamer set, I think mine could have been made in China, not as exciting as Dar es Salaam. Happy 2012 to you too.

  2. Freedes, awesome blog!!!! Loving it, especially for us bachelor types living and working away from home, makes it so much easier to bring mamas home cooking to the table no matter where we are…I still love to call it Sadza even here in Tanzania. Drives the locals mad but they soon forget after sampling the softer southern african version of Ugali!!

    • Ruz!!!!!!! I bet you are eating a lot of irio na nyama! Thanks so much for the encouragement. You must let us know how its been going! I followed in your footsteps and just finished a module on speculative development, exciting stuff!

  3. Awww Freedes, crazy about your food. My daughter was born in morocco to a ghanaian and a sao tomeenne so imagine what palates we have here. Refreshingly inspiring to my dining table.

    • Hi niibisammy! Thank you for visiting my blog! I am glad it is inspiring your dining table. What an amazing mix. I must learn some of your dishes too, and Morrocan. You must have a few Portuguese inspired ones. What an amazing mix, and your daughter will take a little bit of that wonderful cultural mix.

  4. Wow! Who would have ever known that from the time we were knee high, while I thought all we did was just a playful mimic of what our mom’s got up to into the kitchen has actually turned into such great culinary art. Fun as it was, we explored and experimented and often came up with some yummy experiments. I thank you for sharing your passion at such a young and tender age. It led me to love cooking and entertain with confidence. What you have set out to do is really amazing and you have clearly taken it to the next level. I LOVE IT! This is without a doubt true passion. I am so proud of you my dear old friend xx

    • Oh my goodness Kegone! I have only just seen your comment! Thank you so much, that is so sweet. Indeed I often think about us in your kitchen when we were just little girls, I even remember the time you told me we didn’t have to use as much oil as we think. You have just testified about a part of me that has always been, you have really boosted my confidence, you really have. 🙂

  5. I have family friends, practically family themselves, who cook amazing Ethiopian/Eritrean food. That is what initially pulled me towards your blog. I love seeing the mix of culture and food, though being a vegetarian now my choices are *slightly* more limited. I’m very glad I stumbled upon you.

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