Afro Cosmopolitan Recipes

Coconut curry
Cashew nut pilau

Crunchy purple salad

Ghanaian aubergine Stew
Stir fried prawns
Warm quinoa and tenderstem broccoli salad

Avocado and fennel salad

Indian rice and mung dal

Yellow tomato and cucumber salad

Butternut curry

Oxtail ragout

Sauteed spinach

Good Friday Salmon

Red cabbage and fennel salad

Groundnut stew with spinach/beans

Masala spiced yellow root roast

Rainbow carrot salad

Red Red (beans)

Avocado shito

Kale and madila smoothie

Madila banana cupcakes

Easy chicken curry

Kale Slaw

Vietnamese prawn and seabass soup

Chicken Curry Thyme

Biltong Salad

Biltong rissotto

3 bean salad
Highfields Stew
Tangy chicken curry

Baby Aubergine curry

Slow cooked beef and pumpkin stew

Nutty greens

Tangy stir fried okra

Grilled Tilapia fresh shito (peppery salsa)

Biltong Stew

Pumpkin (Botswana)
Citrus chicken
Spiced up sadza
Tatale (Ghanaian butternut fritters)
Ghanaian groundnut soup Nutty Chicken Soup
Easy Pancakes

Rooibos Spareribs
Rooibos Syrup
Ghanaian light soup (prawn and tilapia)
Easy Truffles
Cranberry Sauce
Roast Goat Leg
Ghanaian black pepper sauce (shito)
Creamy vegetables
Goat Kebabs
Tomato stew base
Pasta with prawns
Mackerel stew

Fran’s Recipes from Portugal

Grilled Carapau
Potato bread
Sharon fruit platter
Goat cheese on honey’d carrots


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